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Infography  of project with flower - economic, social, community and environmental performance


On 27 November 2015, the Union for the Mediterranean member states gathered in Barcelona for a high level conference on a joint development programme for the Mediterranean region. On this occasion, senior officials unanimously endorsed 4 new projects, among them EDILE, bringing the total amount of labelled projects to 37 in three priority areas: sustainable development, inclusive growth, youth employability and women empowerment. EDILE (Economic Development through Inclusive and Local Empowerment) formulates a regional approach to support investments with high positive spill-over effects on economic, social, environmental and community levels. The EDILE pilot phase, implemented since December 2013 in Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia, in the framework of the ENPI CBC MED programme, has created operational tools to measure the local impacts of investment projects and worked on raising awareness, training, sharing good practices in terms of inclusiveness. Furthermore, the EDILE initiative will be extended to Algeria, Egypt and Morocco alongside the development of the EDILE label which will allow promoting public and private investments which benefit the most their territories in terms of local spill-over.