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EDILE highlights the Mediterranean at the RESET Forum

ANIMA, coordinator of EDILE project, with the support of The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation of Tunisia  and CCIA Beirut Mount-Lebanon, will be presenting the EDILE label on local and inclusive investment and leading a plenary session on “New borders of CSR”, as well as two workshops. Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate of ANIMA, explains EDILE’s involvement at the RESET Forum.


What is the EDILE project’s involvement, implemented by ANIMA, in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) domain?

Through our Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Observatory (MIPO), we have noticed very low local impact, even bad impact of investments: not enough jobs, not enough local outsourcing, not always eco-responsible behaviours.

Thus, we have developed tools to measure “inclusive” performance of companies. The objective is to promote enterprises developing good practices and to give them priority incentive and support mechanisms that exist in the Mediterranean countries: tax benefits, financing, priority administrative handling, etc. In addition, we have noticed that French and European enterprises are increasingly questioned about their behaviours abroad when they outsource or produce in emerging countries.

We therefore developed a Euro-Mediterranean responsible-enterprises community to continue working respectfully with social responsibility commitments made to customers, funders or public authorities on their national market.


Which activities are offered by ANIMA in the framework of the Forum RESET?

This year, we are associated with the RESET to bring an international and Mediterranean dimension. For an international enterprise looking for competitiveness in emerging markets, its inclusion and its responsible behaviour in foreign markets are key to reach the required performance. We would like to stress the fact that Mediterranean countries are organised since years to facilitate the inclusion of foreign companies. Many of our members and partners will attend the forum: Tarak Cherif, our Vice-President and President of the second Tunisian employer’s organisation, others companies from Lebanon and Tunisia, supported by ANIMA, will testify at the sessions, as well as our business and economic intelligence experts.


How EDILE’s participation at the forum will bring new perspectives to the CSR?

We are pleased that we have the opportunity to organise the plenary debate on new borders of CSR with RESET. It is, to my knowledge, the first time that the question about global performance of international enterprises arose without setting responsible behaviour against quest of competitiveness in emerging markets. Our workshop “Improving its competitiveness, increasing its market shares, how to find the right partners in the Mediterranean” is an operational prolongation of this plenary session: It will review market opportunities, sectoral trends, and will provide key elements and tools to identify trusted partners to enhance competitiveness less than two hours of flying time from Marseille.


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