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Evaluation Guide

Guide for the evaluation of investment projects


Why a methodological guide?


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Proactive investment project evaluation and monitoring can play a key role, allowing the selection of the best public investment projects, or focusing support and public funding devices on those private projects able to contribute the most to the inclusive development of the territories concerned.

The EDILE guide for the assessment and optimisation of investment projects thus serves as an accessible and innovative tool for the local and national public authorities responsible for monitoring investment projects, as well as for private promoters eager to optimise their projects. Several international institutions have developed reference assessment tools that have inspired EDILE guide, adapting them to the context of Mediterranean countries. It highlights the interest, including for project carriers, of a stronger inclusion within the local economic fabric.




This guide contains:

  • A glossary;
  • The presentation of a case study (the "EGOPIA" project) that serves as a "common thread" throughout the guide to understand, with mostly quantitative data, the significance of different criteria and indicators; it is a fictitious agrifood project;
  • The overview of the main analysis methods and monitoring that are available to investors, project owners, project managers or administrations interested in assessing the effectiveness and impact of the project methods or to improve its governance;
  • A detailed description of the 70 criteria or "dimensions" on which a project can be assessed. All are not obviously relevant to all projects. Only 15 are truly essential (e.g. financial viability, economic impact, creating direct and indirect jobs, environmental damage etc.). This referential for the assessment, optimisation and project management is, however, an essential resource for those who wish to achieve a complete investment project analysis.


Other resources are provided in the EDILE "toolbox":

  • Examples of good practice (case studies corresponding to real projects);
  • Training material, especially slides proposed at programme seminars;
  • Library documents (articles, methodological guides, studies, etc.) accessible via the project website.


Download the EDILE guide (provisional version - July 2014)