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Local training in Beirut

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML) organized a two-days local training on the 9 and 10 September 2015. 

The goal of this workshop was to reinforce the capacities of local authorities, economic bodies and representatives of the private and public sector with EDILE tools for the evaluation and monitoring of investment projects in a way to maximize their local returns. The training targeted an audience of around 50 people from different institutions: academic institutions (AUB), Lebanese ministries (Environment, Energy and Water) and municipalities (Qob Elias, Jbeil, Jounieh, Saida), financial institutions (KAFALAT, Byblos Bank, Fransabank and Bankmed) as well as private enterprises and representatives of EDILE pilot projects. Sessions were moderated by ANIMA and classM with the contribution of the EDILE local expert.

The first day started with a welcome note from CCIA-BML Human Resources Director Ms. Nehme on the investment environment in Lebanon, the significance of EDILE to the country and the role of the Chamber. Subsequently, interventions revolved around demonstrating the significance of EDILE approach and its added values in terms of project evaluation practices, as well as elaborating on the benefits of adopting a sustainable investment approach that goes well beyond financial figures; representatives of ministries and municipalities shared their current evaluation practices of public projects while private sector representatives presented their motives and challenges into adopting a culture of sustainable development. EDILE partner Agence Française de Développement also attended and explained to the audience the selection and evaluation methods adopted when supporting investments.