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Issues and objectives

Challenges, objectives and expected results

magnifying glass on the mediteranean areaFrom the year 2000 and until recent political uprisings, South Mediterranean countries have been attracting increasing amounts of public and private investment projects. However, facts have shown that these projects have often not been as beneficial as expected for local economies, generating limited local economic spillover and sometimes underestimated negative impacts. Correlatively, procedures and tools for project evaluation are hardly developed and public authorities involved in investment regulation lack necessary expertise in terms of evaluation.


Yet, evaluation could play a key role in selecting the best public investment projects as well as discussing with investors and concentrate support tools and public financing on supporting private projects which are the most likely to contribute to the inclusive development of territories: job creation, local subcontracting, training, environment conservation, etc.


The actions of the EDILE project thus aim at:


  • Reinforcing the capacities of local authorities involved in the regulation of investments: better selection and ex ante evaluation of the investment projects, optimisation of local spillovers, labelling of investment projects;
  • Improving governance processes: establishment of coordination and dialogue tools between public and private actors, local and national administrations and civil society.




The EDILE project primarily targets public national bodies (ministries, investment agencies) and local authorities (cities, regions, economic zones and economic development organisations) in charge of assessing investment projects, issuing legal authorisations and granting support (financial or technical) for public or private investment projects.

A broader range of stakeholders is also involved: enterprises and business support organisations, financial institutions (banks, investment funds) and civil society. Investors themselves have a strong interest in engaging in the EDILE process, which enables them to optimise and promote their project.