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Enova ROBOTICS is the first company in Africa and MENA region which designs its own robots. The project of the company is to study, design, manufacture and market mobile robotic systems for various applications such as: teaching and research, telemedicine, assistance to the elderly, security and marketing. Enova ROBOTICS has launched the world’s first mobile surveillance system for civilian use. This innovation capacity  makes the company a model of economic competitiveness in the region.

Anis SAHBANI is an associate professor at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC). He is in charge of the Master's degree programme "Intelligent Systems and Robotics" at UPMC. He completed an electrical engineering degree (Industrial IT specialisation) of the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) in 1998 and a Master’s degree in Automation and Computer Engineering in 1999. He received his PhD in robotics and computer from University Paul Sabatier - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Group LAAS - CNRS in 2003.




Logo Nozha Dattes




Activités dattesOver the past 20 years, Nozha Dattes incorporation has been growing Tunisian dates with care for quality.Quality of the product has been a central focus of the founder Morched Chebbi who attaches great importance to know-how at each stage of the product cycle, particularly in the choice of suppliers. From harvest to purchase, seek for quality has given the company’s dates local and international market recognition.

Morched CHEBBI founded the Nozha Dattes Company twenty years ago. Graduated in agricultural product marketing, he has built his career in the purchase and sale of dates. His professional experience in purchasing and harvesting trees has provided him with the necessary knowledge for his dates to be recognized on the local and international market.






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Activités recyclageNIELSEN is a company that designs and manufactures equipment and complete solutions for the collection, sorting and reusing of recyclable waste.Leader in Africa, NIELSEN proposes the concept of “EcoLiving”: robust, simple and competitive solutions that "reconcile" ecology with economy. A commitment rewarded in 2014 by the PASRI Award of Innovation for a new model of patented machine.Since its launch in 2000, the company keeps growing and positions itself on the industry market for sustainable development. The objective of NIELSEN is to become leader of the African market by 2017.

Deeply committed for sustainable development and social responsibility, Nielsen at once endorsed the “local impact” approach of the EDILE project and won the EDILE award for environment during the First edition of the EDILE sustainable investment Award in November 2015 (watch the video).

Mokhtar ZANNAD is the Nielsen Company Manager. After an engineering degree in mechanics and structures modeling at the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1984, he successively held the positions of field engineer and sales and quality manager before becoming CEO of NIELSEN 15 years ago.






Logo Sidi Bouzid




Robots The Central Dairy of Sidi Bouzid is an agro-food company in the dairy sector.Its investment project involves a milk and derivatives production unit. The Central is positioned is a leader in the market. The manufacture of derivatives allows diversifying activities and gaining new market shares.Fresh products, dairy specialties, juices and drinks are also produced by the company.

Walid BELHAFI is the Deputy General Director of the Sidi Bouzid Central Dairy since January 2014. Graduated from the Tunis Superior School of Food Industries, he has held responsibility positions within several food companies in Tunisia.







Logo SotucamPlus




Robots SOTUCAMPLUS’ activity is the production of rubber and rubber-metal parts.Located in the attractive industrial area of Barnoussa in Kef, the project is a recovery of activity of the SOTUCAM company. Makram Hadj Ali is the manager and main investor. The EDILE project represents an overall development strategy in the long term for the company.

Ridha ATTAFI is the Administrative and Financial Director of SOTUCAM Plus Company.











Robots L’activité de GENERAL METAL INDUSTRY COMPANY, is a company in full expansion of activity, with three main activities including: metal construction, LPG gas bottles maintenance and repair, handling work and device rental. Their goals are to develop new synergies on the local and international market.

Adel Ben HASSINE is the manager of the General Metal Industries Company (SIMG).







Logo Veder




Robots This is a project of The Energy Recovery Residues which was called to Cross Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Tunisia. This project contributes to the promotion of economic, social, institutional and cultural cooperation between the Tunisian and Sicilian regions, fully involving the program's objective for renewable energy development. The project objectives are the development of an energy plant organic waste from agricultural activity of a farm to Thibar region (located west of Tunisia), to transform them using biomethanation into biogas that will be used for the production of electricity and heat (cogeneration).

Lamia SAYAHI is Head of Department at the Tunis International Centre for Environmental Technologies (CITET).







Logo Risel Industries




Robots RISEL INDUSTRIES company operates in steel construction and mechanical engineering. RISEL Industries covers a wide range of products: from industrial handling systems, conveying, storing to steel and stainless steel boilermaking. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of their priorities, hence numerous groups choose their services.

Said TAKTAK is the Manager of the company RISEL INDUSTRIES.











RobotsBIOME SOLAR INDUSTRY: the company is specialised in the field of renewable energy through the manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of solar water-heaters. Established in 2006 in the framework of the PROSOL national programme of solar water-heaters dissemination (CES) with German contribution, the company is positioned as leader in the local market. BIOME SOLAR INDUSTRY is committed to the development of renewable energies, particularly to the use of solar energy for heating up sanitary water in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.








Logo Shouf Biosphere Reserve




Robots Shouf Biosphere Reserve – Lebanon is the largest natural reserve in the country, stretching from Dahr Al-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south.
The Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve is a well-known target for those interested in hiking and trekking, with trails suitable to all levels of fitness. Bird watching, mountain biking and snow shoeing are also popular. The natural and cultural patrimony are conserved and resources are treasured, investments are closely supported and development is controlled by citizens, businesses, and the managing authority The ecotourism in the Reserves aims at conserving the environment, improving the quality of life for local communities, and developing the tourism products and services to maximize the socioeconomic benefits of ecotourism.

Charles NOUJAIM is the committee chairman to the Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve.










Robots ESSCO – Energy Saving Solutions is Lebanese company, supplier of products and materials that assist in reducing energy costs using innovative, green and smart technologies. With more than 15 years of experience, ESSCO provide construction developers, businesses and homeowners with intelligent energy-saving and ecologically-sensitive solutions adapted to their needs. The company offers a large array of solutions including heating solutions using diesel, gas or electrical power. ESSCO specialists provide a complete solution for the waste water treatment whether for residential or commercial premises. Among others, ESSCO supplies, installs and maintains PV solar systems.

Khaldoun DIB is the Director General of the Lebanese company ESSCO.










Robots WilcoPM is a poultry slaughterhouse located in Chekka, North of Lebanon, committed in the optimisation of their local spillovers.
More than $20 million were invested into a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse and processing facility for broilers that accounts for local empowerment and environmental conservation. The company’s involvement shows by its many initiatives as: energy generation from manure, water recycling and reuse, production for local use and excellent product value with high availability and accessibility to all income deciles. Additionally and with the coordination with the local municipality, the company created a new infrastructure to support the new site including sewage water systems, electricity and telephone.

After a Master’s degree in Food Production Management from the University of Nottingham in 2009, William BOUTROS had some professional experiences including a research assistant position at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. Since October 2009, he holds the position of manager at Wilco PM. In September 2015, he received the trophy of Lebanese excellence from the Ministry of Economy and Trade.









RobotsEstablished in 1994 Advanced Plastic Industry – API is a Lebanese company, API manufacturer of polypropylene (PP-RCT) pipes and fittings committed in the reduction of energy.
The production is in conformity with the international recognized standards. API has steadily grown into a solid regional company with the main goal of “clients’ satisfaction”. In 2014 API installed Photovoltaic (PV)-Diesel Hybrid System as a strategic operational decision to reduce energy costs and contribute to the preservation of the environment. In return, diesel consumption was reduced from 900 tons/year to 830 tons/year with a total annual saving of $70,000.

Charbel Abou-Chedid is the Vice President of the Lebanese company Advanced Plastic Industry - API.






Logo Green Eco Tech




RobotsLocated in Zrarieh, South of Lebanon, Green Eco-Tech plant presents a solution to the land-waste-energy issue in Lebanon, through pyrolysis.
The plant is equipped to dispose the municipal solid waste of its entourage and produce oil, coal and energy to sustain the villages in the area, without resorting to landfilling and incineration. Green Eco-Tech provide a valuable economic and environmental service to neighboring municipalities, given that it targets an environmental problem that directly and considerably affects their well-being, all while offering alternative and sustainable sources of energy to feed the needs of its community.

Bassam BAASSIRI is the Director General of the Lebanese company Green Eco-Tech.