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Regional Seminar in Tunis
The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation held on 22 and 23 October 2015 a Regional Seminar focusing on "Territorial Governance for inclusive investments".
The seminar, co-organised by the ANIMA team and APII Tunisia, was an opportunity for project partners and associates, private and public stakeholders, as well as civil society, to discuss appropriate means to implement an effective system of local governance within the Euro-Mediterranean area. 57 participants from 21 organisations and 6 countries attended the exchange and reflection on the topic of territorial governance, one of the fundamental challenges of EDILE project. The regional seminar highlighted the interest and need for actors of territorial governance, to measure the local impacts of public and private projects on economic environmental, social and community levels. The EDILE rating methodology is the tool that effectively meets these new challenges by assessing the local impacts of an investment project. The EDILE method offers key to decision and guidance allowing regional stakeholders to support businesses towards greater inclusion. This process of maximisation of local impacts also strengthens the relationship between investors and territories by involving a regular dialogue. Therefore it appears that inclusive growth and effective regional governance go hand in hand. The participants’ positive feedback about the EDILE initiative and innovative tools demonstrates the importance of following such path.